Dr. Paul D. Hambourger
Technical/Scientific Consultant
PDH Applied Physics, LLC
NAICS Codes:  541690, 541715
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Reprint:Weakly-conducting Transparent Coating Deposition
Reprint: Hard, Weakly-conducting Transparent Coating

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Durable Antireflection (AR) Coating
Wide-Angle AR Coating
Radiation Damage and Shielding

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Training and Experience

  • Ph.D., Experimental Solid-State Physics, Northwestern University
  • Former Physics professor - Cleveland State University
  • (At Cleveland State) 23 years - Principal Investigator of cooperative research agreements with NASA Glenn Research Center: Development and testing of space-durable coatings and high-conductivity graphite/epoxy composites, extensive collaboration with NASA engineers, chemists, and materials scientists.
  • Electrical, optical, magnetic, and thermal properties of materials
  • Electrical/thermal conducting composites with graphite fibers, nanographite, etc.
  • Thin-film coatings - properties and coating methods
  • Optical coatings design
  • Nuclear radiation transport in materials
  • Laboratory equipment and computer data analysis
  • Technical literature search - find relevant journal articles, extract useful information, present to product-development people
  • Technical and proposal writing (SBIR, etc)
  • Versatility - can come up to speed quickly on new technologies
  • Teamwork - have collaborated smoothly with people in a wide range of specialties (engineering, chemistry, materials science, medical physics)