Dr. Paul D. Hambourger
Technical/Scientific Consultant

PDH Applied Physics, LLC
(216) 932-9152
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3789 Colony Road
Cleveland, OH 44118-2301

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Reprint:Weakly-conducting Transparent Coating Deposition
Reprint: Hard, Weakly-conducting Transparent Coating

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Durable Antireflection (AR) Coating
Wide-Angle AR Coating
Radiation Damage and Shielding

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Research Grant Proposal Assistance for Academic Faculty Members
Specializing in Engineering and the Physical Sciences.

A well designed and written proposal greatly improves your chances of being funded. I can help you achieve this and save time so you can submit more proposals per year.

I have extensive, successful grant-writing and editing experience plus the scientific background to understand your work.

Select just  the assistance you need - for example:
  • Final proposal review with comments and edits to grab reviewers' attention, fix errors and improve readability;
  • Section-by-section comments and editing as you write;
  • Proposal strategy, design and layout;
  • Modifying your existing proposal for submission to multiple agencies, when permitted;
  • Technical literature searches, to save your time (I have electronic access to most science and engineering journals).
References available upon request to